Is Teenage Helpline Confidential?

Yes, we are! Here at Teenage Helpline we have a strict confidentiality policy. This means that anything discussed between you and Teenage Helpline is kept completely private.

There are some cases in which the confidentiality agreement is exempt. In these cases, the situation will always be discussed with you beforehand. The exemptions are:

After discussion, we may decide not to make an exemption.

The confidentiality agreement stated below is the same as the copy that each member of the Teenage Helpline Team has to sign, which means that all of our staff all have to follow this agreement at all times. Teenage Helpline's Confidentiality Agreement is stated below.

Any member of the Teenage Helpline who fails to comply with these terms will be disciplined appropriately. If you have any further questions relating to confidentiality that are not addressed below, please don't hesistate to contact us!


We don't need any of your details. You can tell us as little or as much as you want, you can even remain anonymous if you want to! Our aim is to support you in whatever you want to talk about, so it is entirely up to you. In most cases any details you provide are not stored. If you request it, your name and e-mail (should you provide it) will be saved into our contact list and you will receive occasional updates through e-mail. Other more personal and sensitive details such as addresses and phone numbers will not be used, and will be deleted immediately unless you request otherwise.

Our conversations will not be shared, unless we feel it is necessary to make submit some form of report on your behalf.

Conversations through e-mail will be stored for a limited time until they are automatically deleted. Transcripts from our Live Chat feature are also stored, but at regular intervals we will review these and delete them if we feel it is appropriate to do so. Questions submitted for our blog will remain on our website permanently with their response. If we feel that a conversation between ourselves and you will be needed when submitting a report, the relevant transcripts will be saved for later use.
If you want Teenage Helpline to submit a report on your behalf, we may need to ask you a few questions about you. Be prepared to share some details with the member of staff that you are talking to, however if you do not feel comfortable sharing these details then you will not be pressured. We may ask for your e-mail address so that we can maintain contact with you should we need any more details at a later date. If you want us to make a report on your behalf, it is entirely up to you and we will not do anything unless we feel it is an emergency, or you have asked us to!

When using the Live Chat feature on our website, the transcripts are saved into a database that can only be accessed by Teenage Helpline Team members. Email correspondence is securely stored on the Teenage Helpline server, and a copy is also stored on your email account.

Questions submitted to be posted publicly on our blog will be visible to anyone who visits the Teenage Helpline website. We will never put your name on the Teenage Helpline website, and all the questions posted will always remain anonymous!

If you have any more questions then we are always willing to answer! Contact us using this page, or send us an email at: and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!