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Teenage Helpline
5 Jupiter House
Calleva Park


Support and general enquiries

For support and any general enquiries, please contact our support team on

For emergency enquiries, you can contact our duty phone on (+44) 07833588232



For any complaints that you wish to raise to the management of Teenage Helpline, please contact our management team on

We will act on all complaints and/or concerns that are raised, and apporpriate action will be taken. For an update on any complaints please contact us with your reference number and we will discuss our current position with you.


Media enquiries 

For media enquiries, including the usage of any Teenage Helpline produced media, please contact our media team on


Press office

For any press enquiries, including Teenage Helpline in the media, please contact our Press office team on


Working for us

Any enquiries that you have about working for us, contact our volunteering team at