Donate to Teenage Helpline

Although Teenage Helpline could survive, we would be unable to thrive without the kind donations of the general public. We always intend to put our best efforts in supporting young people to the best of our ability, however sometimes this costs and we need to make sure we are able to cover these costs. Unlike many charities across the UK, 100% of your donation will go to charity*, and 0% will go towards paying staff or to shareholders. Every penny that you donate will go towards improving the standards of Teenage Helpine and maintaining our service.

In the future we hope to be able to add a store, where we will be able to sell items to raise money, so please keep an eye open for this.

Our donations will be processed securely through Paypal, however if you would like to donate in another fashion then you can let us know at

You can also support Teenage Helpline through easyfundraising where you can donate money to us for FREE with your online purchases. You can visit our easyfundraising page here:

Please also look out for any local Teenage Helpline events, collections or donation tins where you can drop off your leftover coppers! Every penny will help us to reach our target!

 *This is in respect to the amount of money recieved by Teenage Helpline. Please be aware that your donation may be subject to other charges through paypal or other service providers. 

Our fundraising target...

At Teenage Helpline, we have put in place a £5000 fundraising target which we would like to reach before next year (September 2015). This is nowhere near enough money for us to be able to expand and thrive in the ways that we aim to, but it is a good start to hit the ground running. As a fairly new organisation, we aren't expecting too much but still want to support young people like the big players. When considering whether you would like to donate or not, please bare in mind that there is a large proportion of young people across the UK who have no access to any support, be it that they have not found the right person, or there is simply no one there. Many young people do not feel comfortable talking to those who are older than them, or seeking professional support. Teenage Helpline, offering peer-to-peer mentoring support means that that large proportion of young people who don't feel comfortable seeking the support of adults, have access to support that they may well need or want.