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What are we doing?

February 1st 2021 is National Get Up day which is about “being fearless in the face of falling”.

This February, volunteers from Teenage Helpline are taking part in “Fit in Feb” as a team. We will be running / walking / cycling / swimming in order get active. During these difficult times, it’s easy to feel unmotivated and we want to inspire others to get up and get active also. £1 = 1km – every £1 donated goes towards supporting young people through difficult times.

Over the past year, young people have faced more difficulties than ever before. This is why organisations such as Teenage Helpline are so important. We want to get active, and inspire others to be equally as active. But we also want to raise awareness of what we do and support young people in other ways too. 100% of all donations for our Fit In Feb campaign are given to Teenage Helpline to enable them to continue providing crucial peer-to-peer mentoring support for young people across the UK. Members of the Teenage Helpline team are taking part in this initiative, and you can see more about who is involved below.

You can keep up with our progress on this page, or by visiting our Team Strava page! You can donate to up our target below.


Our Team

Ellie Caley

Group Leader

Hi, I’m Ellie. I’m a member of the Youth Board at Teenage Helpline. Being active and getting out in the fresh air is one of the things that I’ve really found has helped me get through lockdown. I’d like to encourage others to try and be more active even if it’s just 10 minutes in a day – it will really make a difference to how you feel.

Annalise Whitehead

Group Member

Hi, I’m Annalise. I’m the Senior Director of Services at Teenage Helpline.

Jenny Elliott

Group Member

Hi, I’m Jenny. I’m Youth Board Chair at Teenage Helpline.

Barney Harrison

Group Member

Hi, I’m Barney. I’m the Senior Director of People at Teenage Helpline. Anyone who knows me knows how much I hate running, but keeping physically and mentally fit is so important that I’ve decided to challenge myself this February. Pushing myself to run more frequently than I ever have before is going to be hard, but I’m excited to push myself and feel the incredible benefits that daily exercise can bring to your life! I hope we inspire at least one person to get fit in Feb!

Will Huffer

Group Member

Hi, I’m Will. I’m the Public Affairs Manager at Teenage Helpline.

Georgia Peters

Group Member

Hi, I’m Georgia. I’m the Marketing Manager at Teenage Helpline. Staying active and healthy has been my top priority since we have been in and out of lockdown. For my New Years resolution this year, to keep up my motivation, I wanted to set myself the goal of continuing to have a more active and healthy lifestyle. I am looking forward to continuing this effort in February and beyond!

Rebecca Quarterman

Group Member

Hi, I’m Rebecca. I’m the Social Media Manager at Teenage Helpline. I only discovered recently the power that exercise can have on my mental well-being. Lockdown taught me that exercise is so important, I’ve come to love getting out and getting my heart rate up. This Feb I want to challenge myself to improve physically and get outside absolutely every day, rain or shine, because I know it will benefit me mentally!

Katy Claridge

Group Member

Hi, I’m Katy. I’m the Social Media Co-Ordinator at Teenage Helpline. I have always been an active person. I set myself a bold New Years resolution of 40hours of walking/cycling/running in January and have achieved this! I now want to push myself further and aim for the same but in the shorter month of February. Exercising has helped me through this lockdown and having a challenge keeps me motivated!

Robert Rivers

Group Member

Hi, I’m Robert. I’m the Operations Manager at Teenage Helpline. If lockdown has taught us anything, it’s that our mental wellbeing is our top priority. I could think of no better way to work on my own mental wellbeing than pledging to be more active this February for a cause that helps the wellbeing of teenagers all over the UK.

Joe Halawin

Group Member

Hi, I’m Joe. I’m the People Operations Coordinator at Teenage Helpline.

Josh Towers

Group Member

Hi, I’m Josh. I’m the Managing Director of Teenage Helpline. Being active is something that boosts my mental health, and being able to get out during lockdown has kept me sane. I’m very passionate about what we do here at Teenage Helpline and I want to be able to encourage more young people to get out and get active so that they can reap the benefits of the fresh air and being healthy!

Lavanya Shankar

Group Member

Hi, I’m Lavanya. I’m the Operations Coordinator at Teenage Helpline.

Amber McAuley

Group Member

Hi, I’m Amber. I’m a Team Leader at Teenage Helpline.

Olivia Chesser

Group Member

Hi, I’m Olivia. I’m a Youth Board Member at Teenage Helpline.