Studying from home

So you’re studying from home…

Home schooling has its perks as well as its challenges. Some people may find home schooling easy to manage, and will enjoy being able to work around their own schedule. But secondary school, sixth form and university can be tough, and not everyone can easily study from home or know where to start.  

Our home-schooling resources are designed to help you to study from home, whether through choice or due to other circumstances (such as self-isolation or study leave). We hope these resources give you all the tools you need, from tips on how to organise your workspace, to timetable templates and advice on how to cope with guilt about taking breaks.

If you have a question that hasn’t been answered or if you need further support, please contact [email protected]


Advice for College Students


Advice for 6th Form Students


Advice for University Students

Resource Bank

Feeling guilty about taking breaks?

How to cope whilst working independently

How to finance going to university

Going back to school

Template timetable

Writing a to-do list

Library resources for university students

Keeping a list of definitions template

Moving to university

Getting support if you're struggling

Useful apps to help you study

Organising your workspace

What if I can't get hold of my teacher/lecturer?