Volunteering for Teenage Helpline

Thank you for your interest in Teenage Helpline! Unfortunately, we are currently not accepting any new applications for volunteer positions. We periodically recruit new volunteers, so please check back soon to see whether we are accepting applications.


This page offers you information about Volunteering for Teenage Helpline, and hopefully answers any questions that you may have. If you still have any questions then please contact volunteer@teenagehelpline.org.uk for more information.

Teenage Helpline relies solely on the support of Volunteer staff to ensure our continued availability, so we hope that you are interested in working with us.


There are many areas that you can get involved in when volunteering with Teenage Helpline, and all of these roles are equally as important. Some of these roles will involve you being in contact with the young people that seek our services, and other roles are more behind the scenes. Our current volunteering teams include:

  • Mentoring team
  • IT team
  • Reseach team
  • Media team
  • News team and press office
  • Management team

We aim to ensure that everyone is happy within their role in Teenage Helpline, and we aim to be as flexible as possible where we can. If you have any special requests then contact volunteer@teenagehelpine.org.uk or your line manager.

When applying for a volunteering position within Teenage Helpline, we ask for a minimum recommended contribution of 1 hour per week for a period of 1 year. However you are free to do as little or as much as you want. We understand that with young people there may be times when it is difficult for you to be availble, such as exam periods. As an organisation we do not want to get in the way of your personal lives and education and therefore aim to be as flexible as possible.

If you are enrolled on the Duke Of Edinburgh's award, or other awards similar to this that require you do some sort of volunteering activity, we are happy to sign you off on this providing that you complete the required specifications laid out in these awards. For example the DofE Bronze award requires that you complete at least 1 hour of volunteering per week for a period of 3 Months.

To apply for a volunteering position within Teenage Helpline, you must complete our e-Application Form. You must ensure that you complete all the relevant details, and complete everything honestly. Your application will then be processed by a volunteer coordinator who will contact you directly.

We only recruit new volunteers periodically, so if you currently can't apply, don't be disheartened! Check back regularly to see whether we are accepting new applicants. Your application is not affected by the window in which we are open to new volunteers - we consider all applications on an individual basis.

Volunteers may be required to complete a DBS check at any time. When applying as a volunteer, you will be required to complete a declaration of criminal convictions, in which we ask that you openly declare any criminal convictions, warnings or sanctions that may or may not impede your ability to work with young people. These will not always affect whether you will be able to have an active role within the organisation. You will also be asked to provide a scanned image of photo identification when applying.

When working with young people, it is essential that you are regularly checked to ensure that you are working with good practice and complying with the Code of Behaviour and other relevant policies. The management team have access to your e-mail accounts and live chat transcripts, and will regularly monitor these. In the environment that we work in, if volunteers engage in inproper or illegal activities then the management team will be required to take appropriate disciplinary action.